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Orange Toe Nails


Orange Toe Nails


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Orange False Toe Nails. 24 False Toe Nails. Full Cover Toe Nail Tips. Fake Toe Nails.

You will receive 24 toe nails in 10 different sizes. The toe nails are ready to wear and can be applied to the toes with glue or nail tabs. The nails can be buffered for a custom fit, and a free mini nail buffer is included with your order.

These nails require Nail Glue or Nail Tabs. NAIL GLUE or NAIL TABS NOT INCLUDED.

The nails do not come with a box, but come nicely packaged. Colours may vary slightly due to monitors.


Fake Toe Nails. Full Cover Toe Nails. False Toe Nails.

Toe Nail Measurements

Size 1: 2cm Wide – 1.9cm Long
Size 2: 1.7cm Wide – 1.8cm Long
Size 3: 1.5cm Wide – 1.5cm Long
Size 4: 1.4cm Wide – 1.3cm Long
Size 5: 1cm Wide – 0.9cm Long
Size 6: 0.9cm Wide – 0.9cm Long
Size 7: 0.9cm Wide – 0.8cm Long
Size 8: 0.8cm Wide – 0.8cm Long
Size 9: 0.8cm Wide – 0.75cm Long
Size 10: 0.8cm Wide – 0.7cm Long

How to apply?
– Remove dirt or nail polish from your natural toe nails.
– Choose the size false nail for the perfect fit.
– Apply nail glue to your nail, place and hold the false nail for few seconds.
– Allow to dry and repeat the process until all nails are done.
– Decorate to suit your style.